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I love going without panties in public, especially in a skirt. If you wanna flash someone quick, or if they sneak a peek up my skirt, I love that they can see my little pussy. My favorite is to sit on a park bench with my legs open and see people walk back and forth, and back and forth, taking peeks between my legs.

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I found this community and was amazed.
I love going anti-panty.
 my boyfriend loves that i do, too... i guess its easy access..? haha

so my question to you girls is... what do you do when your on your period?
as of right now.. i wear panties during that time.. but i feel as though my vagina is most sensitive during that time of the month. Panties are irritating to begin with.. its therefore the worst time to wear them during my period. I find it to risky to wear a tampon and leave it at that.. i'd rather save myself the embarassment of a leak. do any of you girls to this?

thnx in advanced

Today I went without panties and I liked it.

Today I wore a black swing skirt just above the knee, a nice tight white shirt, not quite buttoned up and little black kitten heels and white shoes.
To the young, very cute goth who at first accidenitally dropped his wallet and bent down to pick it back up, I hope you liked the view. I watched you drop a few more things again, just to get another look. I hope you enjoyed the view when I bent over to pick up my pen which I accidentially dropped.
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I'm so glad I found this community, because I hardly ever wear underwear any more! My mom is like a really strict church goer, and she doesn't want her precious little girl dressing like a whore... So everytime I buy some thongs, she takes them out of the laundery and throws them out. So... If she doesn't want me wearing sexy little thongs under my skirts, then I just won't wear any!

So Happy {sniff}

I'm so happy I found this community!

Ok, so here's my story:
Everyone I know, loves to shop at Victoria's Secret and get the little panty "sales" and all that crap, but I discovered in high school, that panties are very irritating and painful (at least for me) but as far as everyone was concerned, you were "suppose" to wear underware. But once I got to university I found how comfy going commando is! I no longer get irritation bumps or anything! Yay!

So, the moral of my story is: GO COMMANDO! SCREW PANTIES!
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my intro & a story

Hello!  I just joined this great community, so an introduction and a story is in order.  I've really discovered that for the most part I hate underware!  I never can seem to feel comfortable in them, and never seem to have enough...  I'm really getting close to just giving up on them all together...  I've always been a nudist at heart *laughs*!  You know, that is healthier--doctors reccomend for women to go without bras and panties as often as possiable because of how confineing they are to the female form...  (I could get into more detail, but may do that on my own LJ.)

Anyways, here's a panty story I had in my Memories on my LJ.  Not exactly anti-panty *though I did go pantyless that evening*, but figured you'd all enjoy it...
Hope you like!

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I had just posted this in my personal journal, and then wondered if anyone else felt the same way I do... then I found this community. Awesome.

"I don't wear underpants.
I think I might own one pair. But I don't wear them.
Not even on my period. I just slip a pad in my pants just in case I spring a leak.
My vag is so much happier this way.
I have been completely panty-free since February 2004.
(Before I was pregnant I was panty-free, then after I had my son, I had the post-partum discharge for two months, yuck, and HAD to wear panties.)
It all started back in 10th grade with "No Panties Thursday..."
We went to a Christian School, and had to wear skirts. Which was why "No Panties Thursday" was so hilarious."