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my intro & a story

Hello!  I just joined this great community, so an introduction and a story is in order.  I've really discovered that for the most part I hate underware!  I never can seem to feel comfortable in them, and never seem to have enough...  I'm really getting close to just giving up on them all together...  I've always been a nudist at heart *laughs*!  You know, that is healthier--doctors reccomend for women to go without bras and panties as often as possiable because of how confineing they are to the female form...  (I could get into more detail, but may do that on my own LJ.)

Anyways, here's a panty story I had in my Memories on my LJ.  Not exactly anti-panty *though I did go pantyless that evening*, but figured you'd all enjoy it...
Hope you like!

Missing Panties!

I was going through my bra drawr recently, flipping through the different girly-colored fabrics and laces with a variety of ribbions and patterns over the oversized cups when I came across one that I hadn't thought of in a while. It's a pale teal, silky bra from Victoria's Secret, like most all of mine are. I never used that bra, in fact the only reason I got it was because VS was having a sale on the new style for that day. They didn't have a DD in the store, so I went ahead and got the D, which never really fit me correctly to begin with. But more importantly than the bra itself was that I had owned a pair of matching panties that I really liked. But where were they? Recalling their unintentional wareabouts gave me a laugh.
My last boyfriend, Greg, and I had been fooling around upstairs for a while, being careful not to get caught. I was wareing a skirt, so I'd only slipped my pale teal silky panties off to play with him. We were interupted by a call from my sister--we were going out with some friends. Greg went to the bathroom while I was on the phone. After a bit, I wondered where the hell my panties disapeared to; I couldn't find them. Greg giggled and said that he'd put them on!!
That was so funny to me! I liked it, too. He'd put them on under his boxers, and liked how the softness felt against him! He even kept them on when we went out with friends! I'd read before that couples switching underware had been gaining popularity, and now I was one of them who liked it! Greg even wore them home! And I'd often thought of what he did with them later...!
The thing is, it took me a few weeks after we broke up to realize...Greg never gave me my panties back!! That little twerp kept them! I wonder what he did with them! Even though I have a good idea of what...!
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