Nyssa (riverslove) wrote in anti_panty,


I had just posted this in my personal journal, and then wondered if anyone else felt the same way I do... then I found this community. Awesome.

"I don't wear underpants.
I think I might own one pair. But I don't wear them.
Not even on my period. I just slip a pad in my pants just in case I spring a leak.
My vag is so much happier this way.
I have been completely panty-free since February 2004.
(Before I was pregnant I was panty-free, then after I had my son, I had the post-partum discharge for two months, yuck, and HAD to wear panties.)
It all started back in 10th grade with "No Panties Thursday..."
We went to a Christian School, and had to wear skirts. Which was why "No Panties Thursday" was so hilarious."
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